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Communication Guidelines/Process:

"On a daily basis, we receive a substantial volume of phone calls, which has been impacting our overall work efficiency. To address this, we have made the strategic decision to streamline our customer support by offering assistance exclusively through WhatsApp and Email channels."

NOTE: We give Priority to email only so first send your query to email we will solve your query within 24 Hours.

Option 1: First Priority

Option 2: Second Priority

  • Save our contact number in your mobile phone as "Chandigarh Philosophers." WhatsApp Contact: +91 9888-9999-25
  • Kindly refrain from making calls to this number.
  • Only use it for sending your queries via WhatsApp.

Option 3: Escalation to Editor-in-Chief

  • In cases where your query remains unresolved through the above two options, please follow this procedure to reach our Editor-in-Chief.
  • Send a message with 'Call Request' to both our WhatsApp and email channels, including your mobile number and the details of your query.
  • Our Editor will promptly get in touch with you to assist.

Email id:

WhatsApp Contact: +91 9888-9999-25

Please Note: You are welcome to utilize any of the three options provided and rest assured, we aim to resolve all your queries within 24 Hours. Your kind support is greatly appreciated.

For Author Queries:

  • If you have any queries related to the website, paper submissions, copyright matters, or publication procedures, please contact us through the following channels:

Principal Contact:

Chandigarh Philosophers

Editor in Chief



Email id:

WhatsApp Contact: +91 9888-9999-25


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our communication process.